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Smart Features of MyKidReports

Check Ins & Attendance

Make the preschool attendance & check-ins system easier & automated. Now staff members & students can use mobile or tablet for hassle-free attendance and check-ins in preschool.

Automatic Billing & Easy Payments

Preschools can accept cashless payments with multiple payment options like debit/credit, PayPal, Razorpay etc. And easily set up automated billing fees for enrolled students.

Real-time Child Activity Reports

An automated children's activities report generated that includes class activities, tasks, notes, real-time photos/videos, documents etc to share with families immediately and ensure parents about childcare and safety.

Parents-Teacher Communication

Preschools can set up a strong parents-teachers communication platform to share notices, alerts about upcoming events, children's reports or for any quick discussion. It helps teachers and parents keep updated themselves via notifications and messages.

Online Admission Process

Preschools can set up a smart admission process by eliminating the paperwork and focus on filling forms, e-documents, e-signature and other online submissions for enrollment in Preschools.

Planned Lessons & Assessments

Teachers can plan & schedule upcoming lessons and use assessment features to keep analyzing children's learning progress and share the report with their parents.

Why does every Pre-schools, Childcare and Parents need MyKidReports?

  • With MyKidReports, Preschools can automate their all processes including check-in/attendance, students fees billing, admission process.
  • When Preschools can automate their processes then they can only focus on the most important thing i.e., getting more admissions.
  • MyKidsReports also provides a Personalized Website & Mobile Application for your Preschool to manage the entire school.
  • With the MyKidReports application, preschools can access & manage their multiple branch details at one place.
  • With MyKidReports software, Preschools can automate almost all their processes and increase productivity by managing the students.
  • MyKidReports will help to build a strong communication between Schools and Parents. So that schools can update about children's learning.

MyKidsReport Management Software - Make PreSchools Smarter!

MyKidReports is the #1 Best Preschool Management System that connects schools, children and parents online. With MyKidReports, schools can become smarter and build an online system for their daily operations.

  • MyKidReports is easy, smart and one-stop solution for preschools to manage students, staff, parents and multiple branches
  • With our Preschool management system, schools can become more smarter and automate their processes to reduce efforts, increase productivity and focus on scalability.
  • MyKidsReports provide a Modern Website & Application for your preschool to enroll new students, build trust for the parents and grow as a brand.
  • MyKidReports provide #1 Best All-in-one Dashboard for preschools to manage their entire preschool operations like daily attendance (staff & students), automated billing, daily children's assessments, parents-teachers communication, online admission process and many more things.
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