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We offer digital check-ins, pre-planned lessons, insightful child's progress reports, quick interactions between parents & teachers and flexible homework.

Planned Lessons

Pre-planned lessons in-app allow students to make up their mind and enhance learning

Daily Child's progress assessment report

Preschools daily track each child's progress and share a detailed assessment report to parents & teachers to know the child's strength and where it needs improvement

Digitalize Check-ins/Attendance

Students can do online check-ins/our through application and parents can track everyday status

Quick Parents-teachers Interactions

In-app messaging allows parents-teachers to interact quickly and get up-to-date information about a child's progress and upcoming events

Real-time Photos/Videos of child's daycare activities

Parents get real-time photos/videos in their dedicated application to see their child's daycare activities & ensure safety

In-app Quick Notifications for Students

Students get in-app quick notifications for any notice or reminders to be well-informed

Each Student Detailed Performance Analytics

Preschool track each student's detailed performance and share a report to parents & staff to monitor their progress & milestones

Monitor Classrooms with Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard to manage multiple classrooms, students & staff at one-place

Elevate Learning Experience

Digitalized Check-ins, in-app messaging, real-time child's progress report and smart Dashboard allow Preschools to enhance their learning experience.

Build Engagement b/w Parents-Teachers

Parents can do quick interactions with teachers to get up-to-date about child's progress, upcoming events and to share prior notice

Real-time Child's Progress Tracker

Parents get a dedicated app to track their child's real-time daycare activities with photos/videos to ensure safety and be well-informed

What Our Clients Say About Us

MyKidReports is a smart solution for Preschools. It helps me increase my day-to-day productivity by using automated billing, easy online admission, quick communication, and real-time child assessment report. It truly gives me everything I need to manage and increase enrollments.

Sue B.
Endless Opportunities for Children

MyKidReports helps students, staff, and parents stay connected with complete transparency. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and has all the smart features we need to easily manage our staff & students. Truly value for money platform.

Jessica M.
Columbus Preschool

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