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Childcare staff scheduling and maintain ratio

Effortlessly manage staff schedules, maintain student-to-staff ratios, and quickly communicate schedule changes
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Take your childcare paperless

  • Increase enrollment by giving families an easy way to apply online.
  • Send forms directly to families and notify them via email.
  • Request key documents from families, such as immunization records and birth certificates.
  • Create fillable PDFs and forms and share them directly with families.
Childcare website

  • Choose beautiful premade forms and create them in minutes.
  • Mobile-responsive website for easy access on any device.
  • Optimized to rank well in search engines.
  • Integrated with MyKidReports' enrollment system.
  • Host your own daycare website without needing separate hosting.
Automated Marketing

  • Automate SEO for your center.
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  • Effortlessly track and manage social media for your preschool.
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Frequently asked questions
What is childcare staff scheduling software?
Childcare staff scheduling software is a digital tool designed to help childcare centers efficiently manage their staff’s work schedules, including shifts, breaks, and time-off requests. It streamlines the process of creating, updating, and communicating schedules to ensure adequate staffing and compliance with regulations.
How can childcare staff scheduling software benefit my center?
There are many benefits to using childcare staff scheduling software. This type of software automates the scheduling process, reducing the time and effort required to create and manage your staff schedules. It allows for easy adjustments and real-time visibility, ensuring that the right staff members are in place at the right times. It also prevents understaffing or overstaffing, leading to smoother operations.
Can MyKidReports handle complex scheduling needs, such as managing part-time and full-time staff, as well as substitute teachers?
Yes, MyKidReports can handle various scheduling scenarios, including part-time and full-time staff arrangements. It can also facilitate the management of substitute teachers by allowing administrators to quickly create staff accounts for these employees and update their room assignments when needed.
Does MyKidReports integrate with payroll and attendance tracking systems?
MyKidReports’s payroll offerings are a complete, easy-to-use payroll solution, enabling providers to automate tax filings, save time, and manage payroll with confidence with Gusto, the #1 payroll provider for small businesses. In MyKidReports, you can track staff timecards and hours, and send that data directly to Gusto to pay your employees. This seamless integration can streamline the payroll process by using accurate attendance data from MyKidReports, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.
How do I notify staff of schedule changes?
Administrators can send group messages based on staff room assignments in MyKidReports. The real-time messaging feature keeps everyone informed of schedule changes. In addition, staff can view their personal schedule or a specific room schedule by navigating to the Schedules tab on the MyKidReports app or on the web.
How do I manage ratios in MyKidReports?
MyKidReports allows you to set custom maximums for each room’s capacity and desired student-to-staff ratio. You can also check ratios per room, at any time, with real-time data to ensure proper staff-to-student ratios. You’ll even be alerted if a room goes out of ratio.