Childcare Billing Software To Make Accounting Easy!

Childcare billing software automates the process of recurring payments, sends invoices and receipts to parents, and creates reports that are customized and easy to understand.

Why is MyKidReport the Preferred Childcare Billing Software?

Role-Based Access System

You can control software access based on roles, enhancing security, scalability, and control.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

93% of customers say MykidReports saves them time when it comes to reporting.

Cost Saving and Scale

Over 70% of clients report reducing expenses on reporting with MykidReports' daycare software.

Save Time on Invoicing

  • MyKidReports offers super handy daycare billing software with an Auto-generated Invoice feature.
  • This cool feature makes invoices for parents automatically, so you don't have to do it manually.
  • It saves time and makes sure that there are no mistakes in the bills.

Get Multiple Payment Modes

  • This feature empowers parents with the convenience of choosing from various payment methods.
  • Giving them the flexibility to manage childcare payments according to their preferences.
  • On the provider's side, it lightens the administrative load.

Effortlessly Track Payments

  • Childcare can efficiently keep track of payment information by storing it securely on our servers.
  • This not only saves them valuable time but also reduces costs associated with manual record-keeping.

Payment Dashboard

  • The payment dashboard is your financial ally.
  • It brings the advantage of having all your financial data in one place, offering quick insights through visual representations.
  • It acts as a direct channel of communication between you and your childcare provider, sending timely alerts and notifications.

Integrate Childcare Billing Software in 3 Steps


It is time for you to take the first step towards efficient daycare management by signing up for MyKidReports today.

Set-up your Daycare

It's time to customize the software to perfectly fit your daycare center's unique needs.

Manage Center

Your administrative and operational tasks will be streamlined while you focus on providing quality care.
Enjoy MyKidReports Key Features

Sophie R.

"MyKidReports has completely transformed how I manage my daycare. The progress tracking and billing features are game-changers, making everything seamless!"

Mark A.

"As a preschool owner, I can't imagine running my business without MyKidReports. The role-based access ensures security, and the provided tools simplify administrative tasks."

Emily G.

"Exceptional support and a user-friendly interface! MyKidReports has made my job as a childcare provider much easier. Parents love the real-time progress updates on their kids."

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Why Choose a Childcare Billing Software?

Child care billing serves as the essential mechanism for invoicing and collecting payments from parents or guardians who avail themselves of child care services, be it in a daycare, preschool, or after-school program.

Essential for Growth

Essential for Growth

The significance of child care billing lies in its direct impact on the financial health and cash flow of the child care business. These financial aspects, in turn, influence the quality and long-term sustainability of the child care services being provided.

Make easy Collection

Make easy Collection

Managing child care billing can be a complex and time-intensive process. This complexity arises from the need to meticulously track attendance, meals, and other billable items for each child. Additionally, it involves the issuance of invoices to parents and relevant subsidizing agencies, coupled with diligent follow-ups on payments and overdue accounts.



Childcare simplifies and streamlines child care billing can be achieved through the adoption of specialized software designed for child care billing. Such daycare software solutions seamlessly automate and integrate the billing process with other critical aspects of childcare management, including enrollment, scheduling, attendance tracking, reporting, and communication.

Optimized Daycare

Optimized Daycare

Enhancing child care billing practices is also achievable by embracing best practices and strategic approaches. This encompasses establishing clear and competitive rates and policies, offering flexible and convenient payment options, ensuring the provision of accurate and timely invoices and receipts, and maintaining positive relationships and communication channels with both parents and relevant agencies.

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